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Things To Think About Before Booking A Package

Step 1:

How many people will be attending?

Step 2:

How much available time do you have?

Step 3:

How many photos would you like to receive?

Step 4:

Read below and find what package will best suit you and your loved ones

Basic Package


This package is the smallest package we offer. It is a 15 minute slot. Best for groups of 1-2 people. You will receive one printed image in your favorite western matte.

Gold Package 


This package is best fitted for groups between 2-6 people. This takes around 45 minuets. You will receive 1- 15 images and 2 printed with 2 western mattes of your choice. This package is great for wide variety of shots.

Silver Package


This package takes around 30 minuets and is meant for 2-4 people. You will receive 1-5 digital images plus 1 printed image in your favorite western matte.

Premium Package 


This package is perfect for groups of 2-6. Takes around 60 minuets and you will receive up to 35 digital images. You will also get 5 printed images in your favorite western matte. This package provides you with the most variation . Get all of your favorite shots with this package. 

Add on: 
5X7 Print 

Add On: Digital Image 

Add On: 8x10 Print 


If you have 7 or more people you used do a large party package. All large parties must do a reservation. 

Our Services

Large party

When you book a session you are booking a time frame and not a package. That way we can discuss a package best built for you. Although packages have max. time frames so please use your best judgment when booking a time frame. If you have any questions please contact us.

All deposits (other than large party) are $25 and then you will pay the remaining price of the package the day of the session. 

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